Tourist Region Fläming

The Flaeming is the most northerly mountain range in Germany, with elevations up to 200 meters, and presents itself as hilly landscape characterised by a constant change of forests, meadows and fields with three nature reserves. In some places remaining morains reveal its origin by glacial retreat of the glacier. Large birds such as herons and cranes use its bright highlands and dry valleys as passage area.

The tourist region Flaeming is considered the "golden mean between Elbe, Havel and Spree." It is composed of the brandenburgian regions Nutze-Nieplitz, Baruther Urstromtal, Niederer Fläming and Hoher Fläming and the sächsisch-anhaltinischen West- and Vorfläming. Many mills dominate the landscape of the travel region Flaeming. The castles of the travel region Flaeming house museums that offer overnight accommodations, or invite to dinner.

For skating aficionados the Fläming region is a MUST. Whether you are a leasure skater, a speed skater or an aggressive skater – there are skating areas for everyone. The skating routes cover approximately 190 kilometres with finest asphalt surface and can also be used for biking. In the skate arenas of Ludwigsfelde and Luckenwalde you can practice in halfpipes and Jüterbog is offering a 200 metre oval and a hockey field.


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