Wendelsheim, 3rd of August, 2017

Health checks for fish                      

We already offer health checks for fish for several years, till now this includes histological, mycological and bacteriological tests in culture. Recently we established a PCR method to detect Mycobacteria including differentiation in M. marinum, M. abcessus, M. chelonae, M. fortuitum and M. haemophilum. You get your analysis results within one week.

You would like to conduct such a PCR test for Mycobacteria, than please send us smears. If the fish is already dead you can take a sample from internal organs otherwise take samples from the aquarium side or bottom.

You like to dispatch living fish, please fill a plastic bag about 1/3 with clean water. Then seal the bag in such way that there is an approximate ratio of 1/3 water and 2/3 air. Wrap up the first bag in a second plastic bag and seal this one in the same way. Ship the”double bag” in a separate, securely lockable container (for example carton).

If it is not possible to dispatch living fish, it is important to ship the dead fish at 4°C and within 24 hours.  

Please provide detailed anamneses for moribund and dead fish, for example striking characteristics like abnormal swimming behaviour, loss of appetite, change in colour and if necessary details about housing conditions and/or previous treatments.

Description of pathogens